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Y1 Santa Game 2D

Play, succeed and we donate for digital education

We have come up with something very special for this year’s Christmas present: We want to help young people to better understand, use and shape the digital world, as this is becoming increasingly important for future generations. That’s why we’ve decided to donate money this year – with your help. We have teamed up with our partner Y1 Digital AG and developed a little Christmas game for you. Here you can earn points with the help of Santa. With every point you collect, you actively contribute to the total donation amount. In other words, playfully contributing to more digital education for young people. Ready? Let’s go!

What is the money used for?

The digital world is now an integral part of our everyday lives. It is therefore important to be able to navigate it safely and make the best possible and, above all, responsible use of the many options available. Young people in particular will be dealing with this topic for the rest of their lives, which is why we would like to donate to the TüftelLab (former TüftelAkademie) initiative together with our partner Y1 Digital AG. They offer a wide range of materials for e-learning, teaching or tinkering boxes as well as projects, training and counselling services, which should be made available to young people – no costs involved.

Logo von TüftelLab ehemals TüftelAkademie
Santa 2D Game zur Bescherung - Ansicht Startbildschirm

Overview of the points collected

5 €

200 points

10 €

500 points

15 €

1000 points

20 €

2000+ points

Who is the TüftelLab (Tinker Academy)?

The TüftelLab (former TüftelAkademie) is an initiative for people who like to create things themselves. Since 2016, a team of experts (from the fields of education, design, computer science, music, etc.) has been supporting a new generation of creative minds with curated content on topics such as technology, art, science and sustainability. The aim of the initiative is to bring young people into contact with digitalisation. They use innovative formats and content to encourage them to make independent decisions about how they can use technology to shape the world responsibly. To this end, they cooperate with numerous universities, foundations and schools to enable as many young people as possible to participate – for example at various locations in Germany.

Kinder im TüftelLab - Foto von Andi Weiland/Junge Tüftler gGmbH

(C) Andi Weiland/Junge Tüftler gGmbH